Thursday, 21 May 2009

Good Morning

Hi all,
Well I woke with great intentions this morning lol, I was all set to check emails, reply and such then write a tut......
Does things ever go the way you want them - Nope not for me anyways. I have a problem with internet explorer i think, ive had to do a system restore and then discovered i was still using IE 6 omg that is old huh, i checked for new updates and its now installed IE 8, while it was installing i was scared to look lol, but it does look ok so far and the pages that werent opening for me opened so methinks yeaaaa all is ok.
Went to another blog and what do i get but the same internet explorer msg, grrrrrr am losing patience lol, I do have a few more tuts to post and also some emails that i gotta reply to as soon as i get this sorted so pls bear with me today if theres nothing new posted, also today is my avon day, i have to submit my order later on so will be busy with that for an hour or 2 when i get this all sorted out....
Meanwhile its back to the help and troubleshooting pages for me

Hope everyone has a good day
hugs Susan