Monday, 18 May 2009

Garv Girls Gradients

This tutorial was written on May 4th 2009 by Susan aka Hippiedaze.
The idea for this tag is off my own head lol and any resemblance is purely coincidence.
General Knowledge of psp is required, tutorial was written in psp 9 but will work in other versions.

Supplies Needed

Tubes of choice - you will need a good few different tubes by the same artist, I used the artwork of Keith Garvey, you need a proper license to use his work, visit MPT - HERE .
No Scrap Kit used in this tag but you could use papers from a kit of choice instead of making your own gradients .
Template Used - Hippiedaze Template 001 by Me - HERE .
Mask Used - WSL Mask #314 by Chelle @ Wee Scots Lass - HERE .
Plugin Used - Xero - Fritillary.
2nd Plugin Used - Eye Candy 4000, Gradient Glow.
Effects Used- Textured Effects - Blinds.
Font of Choice.

(Save mask to your psp folder before you begin and open all other supplies you need)

Lets Get Started

Open my template, hit shift & d on your keyboard,this pastes the template as new image, close the original template. Delete info layer, I resized mine a little at this point, go to image, resize, change width & height to 90%, choose smartsize and make sure resize all layers is checked, click ok. Or if you prefer you can skip the resizing and can resize later , Template has a bottom white layer so no need to add one.

Activate the Pink bg Fill layer, grab your magic wand from the tools palette and click inside one of the pink areas inside the frame, you should see the marching ants now, go to selections, select modify, select expand, and expand by 1, now paste one of your chosen tubes as a new layer, resize it around 80% or what you wish so it fits nicely inside the marching ants, once happy with placement go to selections, select invert then hit delete on the keyboard, selections, select none.

Activate the pink bg layer again and repeat the step you just did and then do this all the way round the shape till all the squares are filled with tubes, remeber to activate the pink bg layer before adding each tube.
Close off all layers except the tube layers you just created, go to layers and choose merge visible, this will merge all tubes on one layer.

Activate the Pink bg layer once more, go to selections, select all, select float, select defloat, grab your floodfill tool from the tools palette, go to foreground/background colours and choose 2 co-ordinating colours, now click on the foreground and choose gradient from the box that appears, scroll the tiles to find the gradient that says foreground background, you should now see both your chosen colours, select sunburst style, and you can play with the repeats setting till its how you like it,click ok. Now floodfill each square by clicking inside the shapes, do this all the way round the shape. You can delete the original pink bg layer now.

Activate the merged tube layer now, go to layer properties and select luminace legacy. Your tube layer should have the gradient colours showing through.
Still on the merged tube layer go to effects, choose xero, fritillary and use the following settings :- Granularity - 5 .... Aggresion - 30 .... Tesselation - 10 .... Variation - 0 .... click ok.

Activate the Darker Circle Fill layer, I floodfilled this in the same way as before with same gradient but changed the gradient to invert, now go to effects, textured effects and choose blinds with the following settings :-
Width - 3 .... Opacity - 79 .... Horizontal - Unchecked .... Light from Top - Checked .... Colour to compliment your gradients.

Activate the Main Frame Shape fill layer, go to adjust, select hue/saturation/lightness and choose a colour of your choice.

Activate the Main Shape layer. go to adjust, select brightness/contrast and move the slider all the way left (-255) this will make the frame outline black. You can use any colour you wish though . Add a slight dropshadow to the this layer.

Activate the Garv word layer, colourise this layer in the same way as you did before, go to effects and choose xero, fritillary and repeat the same settings as the tubes layer, go to effects, select eye candy 4000 gradient glow and use the following settings :-
Glow Width - 3.00 .... Soft Corners - 25 .... Overall Opacitiy - 100 .... Colour - black or colour of your choice.

Repeat this step on the Girlz word layer using the co-ordinated colour from your gradient. Now add the xero, fritillary settings to both word layers.

Activate the Rock word layer, I left this black, go to effects, select, eye candy 4000, gradient glow with same settings as before but change the colour. Add a small dropshadow to this layer.

Click on the very bottom white layer, floodfill with your choosen gradient, i added more repeats for this layer, go to layers, load mask from disc, then find the mask you saved at the start (WSL Mask #314), Make sure the following settings are set... Fit to canvas - checked Source luminace - checked Invert transparency - unchecked Hide Mask - checked, click ok. Use your deform tool to stretch the mask layer out a little if needed so its showing from behind the shape.

I didnt add any elements to this one but you can decorate yours how you wish .

Crop and resize now if you wish to.

Add your name, Add artist info and copyright info.
Save as jpeg or .png. and we're done lol.
Thanks for trying my tutorial and i hope you enjoyed it would love to see your results,

Here is another example using different colours