Saturday, 26 September 2009

Weekend Freebie Link

This weekends freebie is this cute lil scarecrow, PU only, you can pick him up from my scrappin blog HERE

Enjoy ladies
Hugs Susan

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Good News

Remember my Back to School collab kit at P4S ? Well as many of you will know the kit was listed free for 1 week only over on my scrappin stuff blog....
The good news is the kit is now an unlimited freebie for all, and for those of you who haven't yet grabbed it you can get it from my scrappin blog HERE.
Also why not take a look around while your there as theres lots of new things added both Freebies & PTU CU Templates, more being added daily and gearing up for another awesome sale day coming soon, more details will follow on this & will post on both blogs so you all don't miss out.

Happy downloading peeps
hugs Susan

Monday, 21 September 2009

Update about Tag Templates

Hey ladies,
As of today I have disabled the individual download links for my tag templates, all templates except for No.26 are bundled into packs of 5 and are listed over there on the right >>>>
Just think its easier for yall for downloading and its saving a wee bit of space in my 4shared lol.
Thanks to everyone who has downloaded them and I loved seeing the results sp pls continue to send them to me.

Sorry for any confusion but hope this is easier for you all.

Have a fab day.
Thanks Susan

Questionaire Fun

my good friend lou over at Truly Toxic has passed this fun questionaire over to me so heres my results, thanks ya lou this was fun.

1. How long have you been using PSP, PS?

Close to 8 years, took a break for 2 yrs but wow its really that long lol
2. How did you get into making tags, scrap kits?
I found a friend online
in a group i had joined, not even a psp group lol but this girl made the most awesome tags so iasked her how to go about starting off, she talked me through the basics and my first tag was animated lol it jumped around a bit but i got the hang of it and was hooked ever since
3. Who`s your fave artist?
Gotta be Garv with Elias a close second, i have more of these tubes than any others
but i love kenny k tubes too for the cuteness lol
4.Who`s your favourite Scrap Designer?
Too many to mention they are all fantastic
5. Which three blogs do you visit everyday?
Um this depends on who has new things added to the blogs, i check the blogs i follow first

I will now pass this Questionnaire on to:

Shani aka Wicked Princess
Marta @ Marta's Mayhem
Lacarolita @ Lacarolita's Designz

Time for a Freebie

This weekends freebie ladies is a PU Grim Reaper for Halloween that I put together at the weekend, a lotta hard work went into this one trying to get the skeleton bits right was a nightmare lol but I was determined to finish, hope some of you like him, is shown smaller than his actual size in the preview, actual size is approx 585x560 so tagger size intended, you can find him over on my scrappin stuff blog .
Also when you are over there have a look around as theres tonsof new cu templates being added almost daily.
Have Fun and enjoy your visit, its always good to hear from yall so why not leave a wee note in cbox so I know you stopped by.
Have a happy Monday peeps.
Hugs Susan.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Sale starts in a few hours

Be sure to stop by tomorrow and grab some massive bargains.
You will find all my products listed HERE
Happy Shopping :)

hugs Susan

Monday, 14 September 2009

Thrifty Thursday @ Katelynn Designs Store

Okkies ladies here is the big sale news I promised lol, stop on by at Katelynn Designs Store on Thursday 17th Sept for hundreds of special offers in out Thrifty Thursday Sale, many many designers are participating in the sale with items starting at just $1.00 each....

ALL my listings will be priced at $1.00 for 24 hours only so if you have seen something you like then Thursday is the day to shop ...

Simply click the image above to go to the store and have a look around, make that shopping list for all the goodies you like.

Thanks ladies
hugs Susan

Friday, 11 September 2009

Meet Frankie... He's Free lol

Ladies, Meet Frankie...cute huh lol (or not), Frankies free, yep totally free and you can grab him from my scrappin stuff blog, hes pu only ladies, if you like him simply click the preview above to go to the scrappin blog and click the link to download

Would love to see anything you create using frankie so please send to my email addy which is posted over on the right >>>>>>>>>>>

Hugs Susan

New Tutorial using my DJ Superstar Kit

This fabby tut was written by Kelly on out CT at Sticky Kits, Kelly used my DJ Superstar kit for this one, you can find the tut on Kellys Tutorial site HERE. Stop on over and have a look at Kellys new tutorial blog where you will find all her awesome tuts.
Thank you Kelly I love what you did with the kit.
Hugs Susan


This beautiful animation was sent in by Dawdy from the CT over at Sticky Kits, once again she did an awesome job using my 'Spookville' kit, Thank so much to Dawdy for all the continued great work you do with all my kits, love this one and the animation turned out cooool....

My Spookville kit is available in the following stores, P4s. Katelynn Designs, Dazzling Scraps & last but most certainly not least is my latest store Scrappin Bratz, yep I got invited to join over there, to celebrate my joining all my kits are marked down 30% exclusive to Scrappin Brats so if your going shopping this weekend why not take a peek over there and see what savings are on offer, my overlay packs are still to be added there but all kits and cu templates are in store now.

Hope everyone has a fab weekend, we are in for a heatwave or so the weather says haha we will see cuz its never what its meant to be.

Hugs Susan

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Blog Train/s News & Update

Till the Old Skool Blog Trains leave their stations, my portion which is shown below will be posted and available on my scrappin blog remember, be sure to drop by there in the next few days when the full list of participating designers will be listed

I also signed up for the massive Ghost Train blog which will leave the stations on Oct 1st so thats another freebie for yall to look forward to, more news on this coming very soon, its huge and will be filled with endless sppoky goodies, mark these diaries ladies lol there will be lots more in the coming months

Sooo thats the blog trains update for you all tonight, i also have more news for you all lol but thats coming in the next post ;)

bed time for me for tonight
have a good one everyone
G'night hugs Susan

Monday, 7 September 2009

Sneak Peek - Old Skool Blog Train

Tonight im giving sneak peek of a new blog train thats coming your way in just 8 days, yep the girls over at Team Trouble have got together to bring you this awesome blog train aptly named 'Old Skool Blog Train' ...
22 amazing designers have tons of mind blowing designs dated from the 50's thru to the 80's, my theme is a mix of 60's & 70's as yall know thats my fav era, I was born mid 60's lol so am not so old I remember it all lmao but is still my top fav for everything.

Be sure to check my scrappin stuff blog for more details nearer the time as this is where the link will be posted, to grab my portion of this fantastic, funky, groovy blog train which im proud to be part of hehehe.

In the coming week I will be posting a list of all the designers and blog links of who is taking part over there on my scrap blog, hope you all will come back to snag & enjoy.

hugs Susan.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Top of the Class (FTU-1 WEEK ONLY)

This tutorial was written on Sept 3rd 2009 by Susan aka Hippiedaze.
The idea for this tag is off my own head lol and any resemblance is purely coincide2009/09/back-to-school-scrap-kit-free-for-oHEREnce.
General Knowledge of psp is required, tutorial was written in psp 9 but will work in other versions.

Supplies Needed

Tubes of Choice I used the artwork of Jason & Heather Martin, you must have a proper license to use this work please visit MPT, mypsptubes -
Scrap Kit Used - FTU for limited time only 'Back to School' by Hippiedaze (me) which you can get from my scrappin stuff blog - HERE.
Freebie Buttons - 'Top of the Class' by me which you can find on my scrappin blog - HERE.
Mask Used - WSL Mask #232 by Chelle @ Wee Scots Lass Creations - HERE.
No Templates Used.
No Outside filters Used.
Font of Choice.

Open all supplies before you start & save mask to psp masks folder if you dont already have this ....

Lets Get Started....

Open a new image in your psp by going to file tab and select new, choose 500x500 white image, click ok.

Take one of the
school desk elements from the kit and paste as a new layer on your working canvas, resize a little to suit your working prefrences, do this by going to image, select resize and enter size you wish, click ok, move layer down toward the bottom of your canvas, add a small dropshadow.

Take one of the school blackboards from the kit and paste this as a new layer, resize as before to your preferred size & place nearer the top of your canvas, give this a small dropshadow.I used the blank board but its up to you if you want to use the boards with the chalk text. If you use the same as mine, select text tool and a chalky font, i used eraser dust and type out your choosen text, clicky apply then go to layers and choose convert to raster layer.

Now take one of the pc elements and paste this as a new layer, resize as before making it quite small so it sits nicely on the desk, i also used my selection rectangle and selected the keyboard part then cut and pasted as a new layer so i could move the keyboard slightly, this is up to yourself, add a dropshadow to the pc and keyboard layers.

Take one of the trash bin elements and paste as a new layer, resize as needed and place where you like it nearer the bottom of the canvas, add a dropshadow to the bin.

Take a clock element and paste as a new layer, again resize as needed and place to the upper left of your tag, or of course the right side if you prefer lol. give the clock a small dropshadow.

Now I added my tube, paste your choosen tube as a new layer, resize a little and place where you like it on the canvas, I used a sitting tube to put her on the desk, add a dropshadow to the tube.

Activate the bottom white layer of your canvas and paste a paper of choice from the kit as a new layer, you can resize this a little if you want to but i left mine normal size, go to layers and select load mask from disc, in the drop list of masks look for the mask you saved at the start (WSL Mask #232) use the following settings to add the mask to your canvas :-

Fit to canvas - checked .... Source luminace - checked .... Invert transparency - unchecked .... Hide Mask - checked, click ok, go to layers, merge group, use your deform tool to stretch the mask layer out a little till its how you want it & showing around your tag.

Activate the bottom white layer once more and paste a different coloured paper as a new layer, repeat the mask layer with the same mask again and once you have merged group use the deform tool to pull it out slightly more than the first mask, see mine as example.

Activate the top layer of your tag and decorate now with any other elements from the kit that you want to use, resize each element and place where you like on the canvas, give each element layer a small drop shadow.

Crop or resize your tag now if you want to but leave enough room for your name lol.

Add your name, artist info and copyright info.
Save as jpeg or .png.

and we're done i think lol.

Thanks for trying my tutorial and i hope you enjoyed it

would love to see your results,

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Almost lost these pressies ...

Wow i really thought i had lost this bunch of fab tags from Laura over @ Sticky Kits CT, am sorry for the delay in posting these Laura they had somewhat saved to a different location lol but better late than never eh ....
Tag above was made with my Sweet Tooth kit and it sure is sweeeeeeet, thanks ya bunches for this Laur and all the ones below.

This one has got to be a fav, its so much different to the theme of the kit and totally love what Laura did with this-my room for the girls kit, whats more shes used one of my first ever tag templates which can be found over there on the right, templates are all bundled fo quicker downloading, thanks so much for this one Laura.

Another awesome pressie from Laura, this time shes used my Rainbow Rockz kit, love it girl and thanks so much again.

And Laura did it again lol, this time with the Rainbow rockz add on kit, am so glad your enjoying using all my kits Laura and big thanks to ya.

Last but deffo not least comes this rockin dj tag, made with my DJ Rockstar kit, you did awesome girl thanks ya bunches.
Sorry again for these so late in posting
hugs Susan

New Tut using my Sweet Tooth Scrap Kit

OOooooooooooh this is making me hungry this morning lol....
This awesome new tut was written by Kristen (sorry been spelling your name wrong till now lol)
over at Tags by Kris which you can find HERE.
Thanks so much Kris for using my kit and writing this fantastic tut, am sooo glad you went with the first choice of tube cuz i simply love it.
Also the tut is over in the list on the right>>>>>>>> along with all the other wonderful tuts that have been sent to me from my kits.
Thank you bunches Kristen.

Its been like Christmas today posting all these fabulous sends.
hugs Susan

Another Tag Pressie for me

This funky disco tag comes from Lis aka pspgirl at Sticky Kits CT, wow its fabby, love the tube also, Lis used my DJ Superstar kit to rock his one out and rock it she sure did, thanks bunches for this Lis and for using my kit.
You know it really makes my day when i see my kits being used.

Lots & Lots of Tag Pressies for Me

First up is this yummy tag from Dawdy over at Sticky Kits CT, she used my Sweet Tooth scrap kit to create this oh so yummy tag, awesome isnt it .........
Thanks ya bunches Dawdy for using my kits and for the pressies which i simply love.

From Dawdy again, using my part of the Back to School collab kit over at P4S, more thanks to Dawdy and i love this too, its great to see my kits being used so much so keep em coming lol
Thanks bunches for my tag pressie on this one too.

This one is from Laura on the Sticky Kits team also, she used my Groovy Festival kit for this cool tag, love it thank you bunches Laura

From Laura again, this time she used my Lets Go Camping kit for this lovely tag, Im being spoiled with all these pressies lol, thank you Laura for using my kits and for my pressies, i love them.

Another fab tag from Laura at Sticky Kits CT, she used my One Summer Day kit for this, (its available for just $1 today at P4S), love this Laura and you did awesome, cant thank you enough for using all my kits and for the pressie tags,.

Awww this is soooo cute ... Another tag pressie from Laura at Sticky Kits CT using my Primary Brights kit, i just love this Laura thank you so much.