Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Almost lost these pressies ...

Wow i really thought i had lost this bunch of fab tags from Laura over @ Sticky Kits CT, am sorry for the delay in posting these Laura they had somewhat saved to a different location lol but better late than never eh ....
Tag above was made with my Sweet Tooth kit and it sure is sweeeeeeet, thanks ya bunches for this Laur and all the ones below.

This one has got to be a fav, its so much different to the theme of the kit and totally love what Laura did with this-my room for the girls kit, whats more shes used one of my first ever tag templates which can be found over there on the right, templates are all bundled fo quicker downloading, thanks so much for this one Laura.

Another awesome pressie from Laura, this time shes used my Rainbow Rockz kit, love it girl and thanks so much again.

And Laura did it again lol, this time with the Rainbow rockz add on kit, am so glad your enjoying using all my kits Laura and big thanks to ya.

Last but deffo not least comes this rockin dj tag, made with my DJ Rockstar kit, you did awesome girl thanks ya bunches.
Sorry again for these so late in posting
hugs Susan