Monday, 1 June 2009

Good Morning

Happy June 1st Everyone,

Wow we are having a massive heatwave here in Scotland, Friday was almost 120 degrees in my dads back graden and Saturday was 102, yst I couldnt sit out cuz my skins a bit red lol and i dont wanna be overdoing the sun, tans coming along nicely so good enough for me hehe....

Hope you are all well and enjoying the weather if your having the same of us, sorry for the lack of tuts over the weekend it was just tooo nice to sit in at the pc but i do have a few to post for you today before im off to the fishing till late tonight lol....

A couple of you have said that you were having a problem downloading my groove template, sorry bout that and have no idea why it wont open for you, i tried it last night and it downloaded and opened no problems, pleas if anyones still having trouble email me and i will do the best i can to get it working for you, sometimes it different versions of psp that dont open the files, i use psp 9 but the files are set to open in older versions too, i dont have any newer versions of psp so have no clue if thats the problem for youse of you that use newer versions but pls pls dont hesitate to email me, you can find my addy over on the right>>>

Have a fab day everyone and tk
hugs Susan