Friday, 16 October 2009

Witchy Halloween (FTU)

This tutorial was written on October 16th 2009 by Susan aka Hippiedaze.
The idea for this tag is off my own head lol and any resemblance is purely coincidence.
General Knowledge of psp is required, tutorial was written in psp 9 but will work in other versions.

Supplies Needed

Tube/s of Choice, I used the artwork of Keith Garvey, you must have a proper license to use his work please visit MPT - mypsptubes - HERE .
FTU Scrap Kit 'October Ghost Train' by Charlie @ My Scrapping Book, this is a part of the Halloween Town Ghost Train and can be downloaded - HERE.
Template Used - Vix Halloween Mask #2 by Vix, which you can download along with her other halloween templates - HERE.
FTU Frame Used - Frame Freebie by Susan aka Hippiedaze which you can download from my blog - HERE.
Mask of Choice.
Plugin Used - Eye Candy 4000, Gradient Glow.
Effects Used - Textured Effects - Blinds.
Dropshadow of choice (optional).

Open all supplies before you start & save mask to psp masks folder if you dont already have this ....

Lets Get Started....

Open the template, hit shift & d on your keyboard,this pastes the template as new image, close the original template. Delete info layer, go to image, select resize, choose resize 80%, choose smartsize and make sure the box resize all layers is checked, the bottom layer in this template is x'd out so we will leave it like that for now.

I left most of the template the way it was for this one as the colours went really well, but you can change the colours if you wish to, i did however add a gradient glow to the rectangles layer, make sure you are on the rectangles layer and go to effects, choose eye candy 4000, then choose gradient glow and use the following settings to add the glow to the rectangles :-
Glow Width - 3.00 .... Soft Corners - 25 .... Overall Opacity - 100 .... Colour - white, move the slider to all the way along to the right to make quite bold, click ok.

Activate the wordart layer and go to effects again, select the eye candy 4000, gradient glow and add the same glow as we just added above but this time move the colour slider left to around half way, the glow shouldnt be as bold as the rectangles.

Both the dotted lines layers were left as they are in this tutorial, again i just felt the colours worked well in the tag, you can always change the colours on these layers if you wish to.

I deleted the skulls for this tutorial but again this is up to you.

Activate the stars layers and simply add a small dropshadow of your choice to this layer.

Take the hippiedaze frame freebie and paste as a new layer, move layer all the way down to just above the white layer and go to image, select resize and choose resize smartsize by around 90% or whichever you like best, position in middle of your canvas.

Now take your tube and paste as a new layer, resize as needed then move as close to bottom of frame as you can then grab your eraser tool to erase some of the bottom of tube so its neat around the frame, I added a white dropshdow to my tube so it stood out more.

Activate the wordart layer and grab your selection tool, rectangle, draw a selection around the bottom words and then right click and choose cut, now go to selections and select none then right click and choose paste as a new layer, use your mover tool to move the wordart back to where it was but move the bottom words on the new layer that you just pasted up to above the tube layer, see mine as example but you should have the top words below tube and bottom words above tube layer.

Take the doodle 3 from the kit and paste as a new layer, go to image and select resize, choose to resize around 60% smartsize and move to left side of the canvas, when happy with placement go to layers, select duplicate and then go to image and select mirror so you have a doodle on either side.
Move both these layers below the tube layer.

Take the doodle 2 from the kit and paste as a new layer, go to image and select resize, choose resize smartsize to your liking and place on right side of canvas nearer the middle, when happy with placement go to layers, select duplicate the go to image and select mirror so you have the green doodle on both sides, check mine as a guide.

Take the icepends and paste as a new layer on the canvas, resize as needed and place top edge in line with the top edge of the worart, i added a slight white dropshadow to the icepends.

Grab your eclipse tool from the tool palette and activate the layer below the frame layer, in your foreground colour select the orange that matches the rectangle layer if your using the same as me, you can choose any colour you wish tho, now draw out a large eclipse that covers all the inner frame, ok once your happy with this and its covering all the inner frame go to layers and select convert to raster layer.
Now go to effects and choose textured effects, select blinds and use the following settings to the circle layer :-
Width -10 .... Opacity - 34 .... Colour - #bc00e2 .... Horizontal - Unchecked .... Light From Top - Checked, click ok.

Activate the bottom layer (the x'd out one lol) and fill with a colour of choice that matches your tube and colours, go to layers select load mask from disc and choose the first mask that you choose and saved at the start use the following settings :-
Fit to canvas - checked .... Source luminace - checked .... Invert transparency - unchecked .... Hide Mask - checked, click ok, go to layers, merge group. I used my deform tool and stretched the mask out a little to cover more background. You can also duplicate the mask and flip or mirror to make more vivid if you wish.

Now go back and activate the top layer of your canvas and add any other elements that you want to from the kit, i didnt add many to this one i wanted reasonably plain lol, paste all elements you use on new layers and resize as needed then you can place where you want to around the tag and add a small dropshadow in white or black if you wish.

Once you finish decorating your tag crop or resize if you didnt at the start.

Add your name, artist info & copyright.
Save as jpeg or .png.

And I think thats us about done.

Thanks for trying my tutorial and i hope you enjoyed it
would love to see your results,